Infographic: The 7 Types of B2B Copywriter – and How to Use Them

Not every B2B copywriter is good at the same things. This infographic will help you choose the best writer for every campaign.

Infographic: The 7 Types of B2B Copywriter – and How to Use Them

So you’ve got a new campaign coming up, and you need a brilliant copywriter to produce some can’t-resist copy that will have your prospects converting in droves.

But wait! Not every copywriter is the same. Some are great at writing sparkly, “look-at-me” ads, while others are great at producing clear, no-nonsense datasheets that will steer your nearly-converted leads into making a buying decision.

In total, we think there are 7 different types of B2B copywriter, and which one you choose will have a big impact on the success of your campaign.

To help you choose the right writer for each project, we’ve put together this handy infographic. Use it to understand:

  • Which types of writer you have available to you
  • Which type of content each one is best at
  • Where you should use them in the marketing funnel
  • Which types of copywriter you’re currently missing

Now here comes the sales bit…

At Radix we’ve spent eight years building a pedigree stable of B2B tech copywriters for every stage in your marketing funnel.

If you need someone to write a brilliant ad, craft an ultra-shareable SlideShare, or write an email campaign that gets your prospects opening and clicking, we’ve almost certainly got the right writer for you.

To find out more about what we do and how we could support you, please do get in touch.

Fiona Campbell-Howes

Our founder and original managing director, Fiona was responsible for the strategic and day-to-day management of Radix, as well as working on many client writing projects. She brought long experience of marketing in the tech industry, during which time she worked with many global IT brands, including Adobe, CA, IBM and Oracle.

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