Thin Slicing: What B2B marketers can learn from the agile software development practice

Software developers use thin slicing to prove the value of their projects and deliver measurable ROI fast. We explore how marketers can use it to do the same.

B2B marketers are great at coming up with creative campaigns and content ideas. But all too often, long approval cycles, restricted budgets, and the sheer scale and complexity of those ideas make them difficult to bring to life at speed.

Fortunately, marketers aren’t the only ones experiencing those challenges. Our colleagues over in the world of software development are up against them too, and they’ve devised some transformational new practices to help overcome them. And there’s one in particular that B2B marketers may be able to borrow.

Thin slicing is an Agile practice where large projects are sliced up into smaller deliverables and launched iteratively, rather than all at once. In our Turtl doc below, we explore how thin slicing can help B2B marketers both prove and improve the ROI of their campaigns and content.

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Steve is one of Radix’s most experienced and expressive writers. Beloved by our clients for his ability to turn simple ideas into high-performing content and campaigns, he blends strategic thinking with deep copywriting expertise to consistently deliver copy that gets results.

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