Quiz: which type of B2B copywriter are you?

Quiz time.

Quiz: which type of B2B copywriter are you?

You’ve read the blog post. You’ve seen the Slideshare. You’ve squinted at the infographic. So by now, you know there are 7 different types of B2B copywriter. And that matching the right type of writer to the right piece of content is hugely important to the success of any campaign.

So that just leaves one question: which type of B2B copywriter are you?

If you’re not sure, why not take our handy quiz? Answer the 8 questions below, and we’ll tell you whether your forte lies in persuading people to take action, or explaining how a new widget works.

It could help you to get more work of the sort you like. Or it could just help you to put off starting that white paper outline for another three minutes. Either way, win-win, right?


Kieran’s versatility as a content writer and extensive B2B marketing experience often see him singled out by clients looking to push the creative envelope. As our Head of Copy, he provides scrutiny and support in equal measure, helping us to ensure everything we produce is the best it can possibly be.


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