If you’re reading this, maybe it’s because you’ve received a limited-edition copy of Funnel! The Content Marketing Strategy Game.

Where Funnel! Came From

Funnel! is the result of over a year’s ‘ideation’, planning, designing, dice-wrangling, illustrator-briefing and manufacturer-sourcing here at Radix. The whole team has been involved with its creation and production, and we’re incredibly happy with the result. We hope you are, too!


Our boardgame supremos George and Steve threw themselves wholeheartedly into the creation of Funnel!, emerging several months later with a game that’s about 100 times more fun and strategic than the initial brief: “Make a game that shows marketers the  relative merits of different types of B2B copywriter”.

How to Play Funnel!

You can play Funnel! at a basic level: building your agency team and completing campaigns to move your prospects through the funnel – or you can really go to town with the subtle tactics, hidden talents and secret powers that individual cards confer.

In these videos, you’ll get a flavour of how to play the basic game, and how to use some of those advanced tactics to your advantage.

How to Play Funnel! – Basic Setup

How to Play Funnel! – Advanced Tactics

Questions about Funnel!?

If you have a question about Funnel! that’s not answered here, please do get in touch. (We’re happy to talk about Funnel! all day.) Email us at info@radix-communications.com or call us on +44 1326 373592.


Happy converting!

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