Megacorp’s marketing director Bill has a problem. His last webinar only generated one lead, and Sales are out for his blood. What can he do?

Marketing executive Jen has an idea: instead of making endless boring webinars, why doesn’t Megacorp make some content that people might actually enjoy?

Like… a comic.


Read the eBook: The Awesome Adventures of Megacorp’s Marketers

Join Bill and Jen as they explore how comics can work in B2B marketing. Our lovingly-illustrated ebook has chapters on:

  • Why use comics in your marketing mix?
  • Who’s doing it already?
  • What should your comic be about?
  • How do you get one made?
  • How do you get it out into the world?

Download eBook (PDF, 15 pages, 17MB)

We hope you enjoy reading it as much we enjoyed making it!

Ready to make your own B2B comic?

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