#b2bcopychat 10 January: B2B vs B2C copywriting

Is B2B copywriting really the less cool cousin of B2C – and how do you write for them? Join us at the next #b2bcopychat to find out if the stereotype still holds true.

#b2bcopychat 1 November: Copywriters and marketers’ objectives

Marketing objectives should underpin all of our copy, but how much do you understand what your clients are aiming for? Join us to discuss marketing objectives.

#b2bcopychat 4 October: Writing better B2B case studies

Case studies never go out of fashion with B2B marketers. But could they be done better? Join us to discuss writing for B2B case studies.

#b2bcopychat 6 September: Writing for the spoken word

Video is being touted as the next big thing in B2B marketing, but how do you write effectively for the spoken word? Join us to discuss writing for audio-dependent content.

#b2bcopychat 9 August: Copywriting productivity hacks and tips

How do you make the most of the time you spend writing? Join us to discuss, and share, copywriting tips and tricks to boost your productivity.

#b2bcopychat 5 July: The secrets to writing engaging B2B content

“Producing engaging content” is the biggest challenge for 60% of B2B content marketers. Join us to discuss how copywriters can beat mediocre content.

#b2bcopychat 7 June: How can B2B copywriters tackle unused content?

In B2B marketing, 60-70% of content goes unused. Join us to discuss what B2B copywriters can do to stop content waste.

#b2bcopychat 3 May: B2B copywriters – how to get better briefs

You can’t write good B2B copy without clear instructions – but client briefs are often a bit threadbare. Join us to discuss how to get the brief you need.

#b2bcopychat 12 April: Pricing, gender, training and skills

The latest Professional Copywriters’ Network survey revealed some surprising findings about copywriting in the UK. Join us to discuss how they affect us in B2B.

#b2bcopychat 1 March: What it means to be a B2B copywriter

Join @radixcom on Tuesday 1st March to chat about being a B2B copywriter and the role of the copywriter in B2B marketing.

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