We’ve been talking for over 49 episodes. Now it’s your turn

Join us in celebrating the 50th episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy: The B2B Copywriting Podcast.

Since January 15th 2013, Good Copy, Bad Copy (formerly the Radix Copycast) has been offering copywriting tips, tricks and insights to the B2B marketing community – making it one of the longest-running podcasts in the industry.

And now, we’re coming up on our 50th episode.

To celebrate the fantastic community that has gathered around the podcast, we wanted to give you, our listeners (and blog readers, email recipients and #b2bcopychat gang) a chance to have your voice heard.

The 50th anniversary podcast will run through 50 (yes, fifty) top tips for B2B copywriting. But it won’t be us talking. This time, you’ll be the star of the show.

Whether you have your own unique writing advice to share, or if any tips from our blog, newsletter, Copychat or the previous episodes of the podcast really stuck with you, we want to hear about it.

To have your say, just record a voice clip on your phone telling us in 30 seconds or less:

  • Who you are
  • Where you work
  • Your favourite copywriting tip

And send your voice clips to podcast@radix-communications.com for your chance to feature on the 50th anniversary episode of Good Copy, Bad Copy, along with the stars of the B2B marketing community.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

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