Compare the marketers

Being someone without a television, the only time I usually see telly ads is when I wander over to the pub to watch grown men chase a ball around. However, they’re generally all for Carling, cars, WKD, or Gillette, interspersed with at least 10 ever shorter trailers for the same bloody dismal attempt to be the next American Pie/Lock Stock/that-Judd-Apatow-one-where-someone-gets-pregnant-by-an-allegedly-lovable-idiot, so I generally just stare at my phone during half-time, or talk to someone, if they keep insisting on it. However, on Tuesday half-time was much brightened by the following:

The inevitable viral website’s great too – at least if this description of a spelunking meerkat in Weston Super Mare is anything to go by:

Your meerkat

Size : Small

Location : Weston S Mare

Hobby : Spelunking


With little torch on head and stripy rope round belly, Spelunkat loves to explore intricate cave networks. Deep caves give Spelunkat chance to contemplate life while feasting centipedes and listening burp echo.

This meerkat goes to Weston Super Mare to play slot machine and snog stranger outside closed beach bar or stand in middle of gigantic empty car park when feeling sickness of home in Kalahari.

An entire marketing campaign from one joyously silly pun –  inspired 🙂

Marketing the Right Wrong Way

It looks like Conservative political lobbying for greater ‘liberty’ has now extended itself to the liberty to spam people – or possibly just people who blog, since that’s the only reason I can think of for both my personal and work accounts starting to receive unsolicited daily updates from NetRight Daily and Daily Grind the other week. Apparently, these are emanating from sites called and NetRightNation, both of which, as far I’m concerned, are very much at liberty to getbent and NetRightOff, given their intrusive marketing methods. Whatever your politics, and whatever it is you’re marketing, spam is never, ever a good move.

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