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Lately, I’ve been listing unwanted books and CDs on Amazon. So far, it’s been quite successful, but, God, I’m getting sick of typing “CD pristine, slight wear to jewel case. Orders dispatched next business day.” Thank goodness, then, for this handy little free download from Lifehacker: Texter.

It doesn’t automate the listing process, sadly, but leave it running and, whatever program you’re using, Texter will correct your typing (if you set it up that way), fill in forms, type common phrases etc., all at the touch of whatever keys you happen to assign things to. You’ll never type ‘the’ when you meant ‘the’ ever again. I said ‘the’. Look, why won’t you… Oh.

Well, perhaps it has at least one drawback.

There’s an altogether more complicated looking option too, which seems to have its uses.

More of it

An extremely easy hack to make Google display a small drop-down box to filter results by recency, i.e. past 24 hours, past week, and so on: simply search for something normally, then add [&as_qdr=d] (without the square brackets) to the end of the resulting URL and hit enter. If that didn’t make sense, try going here.

For creative types, has a list of 17 obscure websites to spark the imagination. Or more likely, to spark hours of procrastination. Then again, doesn’t procrastination often turn out to be the incubator of creativity?

Or maybe you’re not devoid of inspiration, just a bit distracted? Perhaps, by background noise and chatter? God knows whether ChatterBlocker might help, but at least you can try out a free demo. Apparently it plays “pink noise” (no, not YMCA) to neutralise office sounds – and probably annoy everyone else within earshot.

Firefox Extension of the Day

DownThemAll! – Not only a much faster substitute for Firefox’s own download option, but also allows you to quickly and easily hoover up whatever you want from individual web pages (assuming it’s downloadable). Browsing MP3 blogs, for one, has never been quicker.

Instructions for advanced (and not so advanced) use over at Lifehacker.

In related news: the full release of the much faster and less crashy version 3.0 of Firefox is still set for late June, but by many accounts it may already be good to go

Might be worth waiting until all your most used extensions have been updated too, though.

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