Kung Fu Secrets of B2B Copywriting: Don’t Fear Apostrophes

In this video, David gives a crash course to getting apostrophes right – and shares the main reason why many people don’t...

Kung Fu Secrets of B2B Copywriting: Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

David explains his favourite copywriting tip: “Don’t tell me you’re funny; tell me a joke.”

Kung Fu Secrets of B2B Copywriting: When to Write Plainly

If you want to understand the effect of sentence structure, the Plain English Campaign’s style guide is a surprisingly good place to start.

Kung Fu Secrets of B2B Copywriting: Say One Thing, Clearly

Often, marketers are keen to say too many things at once. David believes it’s more effective to find one important message, and say it with style.

Kung Fu Secrets of B2B Copywriting: Write to One Person

What can a B2B copywriter learn from Simon Mayo’s radio show? Watch this short presentation and find out…

Kung Fu Secrets of B2B Copywriting: Find Another Way

David shares his oldest copywriting secret – how to avoid grammar pedants without sounding awkward.

What I’ll be looking for in a B2B copywriter

Next week, we’ll be shortlisting CVs from would-be Radix copywriters. It’s my job to keep our writing standards high, so here’s what I’m hoping to see.

How eight B2B copywriters tackled exactly the same brief

We talk a lot about the importance of matching the right B2B copywriter to each job. But just how much would the results vary? We tried an experiment – using our own team as guinea pigs.

Podcast 36: Pay, gender, location & skills – the state of UK copywriting

The latest Pro Copywriters Network survey raised a few eyebrows. We pick out some highlights, and ask what it really means for B2B copywriters.

Female copywriters respond to copywriting’s gender pay gap

We were shocked when the Pro Copywriters Survey revealed a 28% pay gap between men and women. So we asked top female copywriters for their views.

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