How to create B2B content that gets media attention

It’s rare for a piece of B2B content to be covered as news, but not completely unknown. Fiona looks at how the right sort of content can generate its own PR.

Funnel!: A brief history of the world’s first content marketing strategy game

Back in 2014, one of the Radix team suggested we make a board game about the role of copy in content marketing. So we did. Steve relates the epic tale of how Funnel! was born.

Five essential copywriting and content marketing podcasts

Podcasts for copywriters and content marketers are growing in popularity. Here are five different shows that Emily enjoys checking in with.

B2B content marketing has a huge problem

The B2B tech content bubble is unsustainable - but it’s not because of “content shock”, shrinking attention spans, or any of the usual suspects, says Fiona.

Can you still create good B2B content on a tight budget?

What are the barriers to producing good content marketing for B2B audiences? Is the most costly part creating the content itself or is it something else?

How we turned an ebook idea into a fully-illustrated comic

Lots of marketers are looking for new and exciting ways to present B2B content. As inspiration, Emily explains how we turned a conventional ebook into a fully-illustrated comic—on a shoestring budget.

How I learned to stop worrying and love comics in B2B marketing

Comics are not just having a resurgence in popular media, the format is also increasingly being used by marketing teams in companies like Google, Sage and Marketo. But why should enterprises work with the format and how should they go about it? Find out in our free ebook.

The three Rs of borrowing from geek culture for content marketing

Which is the correct spelling of Marvel’s superhero: “Spider-Man” or “Spiderman”? And does it matter? Emily explains the nuances of drawing on nerd and geek culture in your content marketing.

Editorial Calendars: why you need one and how to make one in Trello

An editorial calendar is one of the most important items in the content marketer’s toolkit. Having recently created our own, Emily shares why you need one and what she used to create ours.

Marketing Week: Gangnam Style marketing

B2B marketers are averse to doing anything wacky, but sometimes the viral promise of a wildly popular meme proves too strong to resist. But before you make that video, read this first.

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