Five uber-geeky B2B content marketing briefs we secretly wish our clients would send

White papers. Infographics. Blog posts. eBooks. Scripts. They’re all great and, done well, they’re very effective. But sometimes we long to be asked to write something… different.

Kung Fu Secrets of B2B Copywriting: The Power of Three

For thousands of years, people have understood that messages grouped in threes feel satisfying and persuasive. Who are we do argue?

Do case studies still count as content?

There's something odd about the latest trends report from CMI and Marketing Profs. Can it be true that case studies no longer count as marketing content? And if so, what does that make them?

Kung Fu Secrets of B2B Copywriting: Don’t Call It a Newsletter

Keeping your customers updated by email is great. Calling that email a newsletter is not – for two important reasons. David explains all…

Kung Fu Secrets of B2B Copywriting: Exclamations Bad! (Brackets Good.)

More often than not, an exclamation mark looks like you’re trying too hard to sound exciting. (Brackets, on the other hand, can be very useful things…)

Kung Fu Secrets of B2B Copywriting: Read it Out Loud

If your copy feels wrong, and you don’t know why, reading will usually make the problem plain. This quick video explains why.

The Radix guide to interviewing subject matter experts

Great B2B marketing content starts with interviewing a subject matter expert. Here are our tips for mastering this crucial content creation skill.

Kung Fu Secrets of B2B Copywriting: Use Twitter

In this short video, David explains why writing in 140-character bursts is like taking your B2B copywriting muscles to the gym.

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